Co-blocks Sampler

As always the evaluation of Gutenberg Blocks will consider 4 key criteria

  1. delivery of WYSIWYG display view from within the editor so designers see the complete  emerging page/post;
  2. ease of understanding editing mechanics; tendency to not get lost;
  3. accessibility of styling, animation and special effect for each Gutenberg block;
  4. novel edit features which save time for designers.

It is important to note that one must manage a Coblocks edit session as the following screenshot is to be avoided:
by alternately turning off the List view., Blocks inserter or the Settings sidebar. Gutenberg editor space can quickly become overwhelming. as it is at a premium. Here for example, the Post Carousel disappears from the Gutnberg editor screen making layout design very  problematic. despite using max8imum screen size settings.

The Coblocks Post Carousel is powerful but is severely  compromised by its failure to display at all in the Gutenberg editor. with maximum  creen size available. 


IDA as a Monster Storm

From its birth, the storm was destined to become a monster.

It formed from air that was hot, moist and thick with clouds. It incubated in the sultry Gulf of Mexico, drawing power from water that was unusually warm.


By the time Hurricane Ida made landfall in Port Fourchon, La., on Sunday, it was the poster child for a climate change-driven disaster. The fast-growing, ferocious storm brought 150-mile-per-hour wind, torrential rain and several feet of storm surge to the most vulnerable part of the U.S. coast. It rivals the most powerful storm ever to strike the state.

“People there are going to get blasted,” said Kerry Emanuel, an atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies the physics of hurricanes and their connection to the climate. “This is exactly the kind of thing we’re going to have to get used to as the planet warms.”

Hurricane Ida is the latest storm to batter the United States this summer. Tropical Storm Henri weakened as it inundated coastal communities in New England earlier this month, but it still knocked out power to more than 120,000 homes in three states and dumped a record 1.89 inches of rain on New York City in just one hour.

And hurricane season is far from over, as five other tropical systems are now sweeping over the Atlantic Ocean.

But for now, all eyes are on Ida.

Scientists had been bracing for the worst since the moment forecasters identified a tropical depression forming last week. The Gulf of Mexico in August is always a hotbed of hurricane formation. “This time of year, it’s like bathtub water,” said Brian Tang, an atmospheric scientist at the University at Albany in New York.


Lately, conditions in the ocean have been exceptionally bad. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, parts of the Gulf are three to five degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average for the end of the 20th century. Research shows that human greenhouse gas emissions have caused the ocean to warm faster in recent years than at any point since the end of the last ice age.

The Stacked media block combined in a row with a Classic paragraph works well. It is easy to add image controls, gutters, captioning and lightbox setting. But then the styling options for the Stacked-media block become scarce- no animations, scrolling or special effects. Designers must move up to the columns block for background color and basic padding/margins. And as for the Classic paragraphs block –  there are NO options for styling like in most Pagebuilder. So typography, text color, borders, line-spacing and other common styling  will have to be done with Advanced CSS. or spread over containing blocks.

Chicken ala Orange

Tasty Chicken

Boneless breast

$6/585gm pack

Paprika & orange

Part of the kitchen essentials



Special Source


The Food & Drink block is a classic reminder – always add low styling blocks like Food & Drink inside a row, section, or group block which will provide more but not always the best styling options. 

The CoBlocks suffer the problem of sparse styling options for many of its blocks. Be prepared to do Advanced CSS or use a third party plugin like CSSHero or Site Origins CSS tool to get styling design up to speed.. Also the WYSIWYG capability of most Coblocks is poor. Designers will have no idea how a page/post will look except by trial and error  previewing constantly.

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