Kadence Blocks

As always the evaluation of Gutenberg Blocks will consider 4 key criteria

  1. delivery of WYSIWYG display view from within the editor so designers see the complete  emerging page/post;
  2. ease of understanding editing mechanics; tendency to not get lost;
  3. accessibility of styling, animation and special effect for each Gutenberg block;
  4. novel edit features which save time for designers.

This quote from a Motopress review of Kadence blocks is quite telling.Kadence Blocks was one of the first add-on libraries for Gutenberg, so naturally it’s grown to one of the most popular block plugins so far; for a reason. Unlike many other Gutenberg blocks plugins, Kadence Blocks allows for starting with a pre-made layout structure of your choice (pretty much Elementor’s approach, if you are familiar with it). This flexible row/layout approach will help you start quicker.”

Kadence has a reputation for extensive styling options for all its blocks. This is seen in the Tabs styling options:

Kadence Tabs styling options are much improved over GetWid’s. But alas, Kadence does not bring any styling to the Classic.block.

Kadence Blocks bring a rich set of styling options but it really needs the Editor Plus block to bring a better set of styling options to to the Gutenberg editor. In fact neither Kadence nor Editor Plus  match the styling options like  complete typography options, hover designs.,  special effects and scrolling options available in popular  PageBuilders like Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Thrive. Time after time, this makes the PageBuilders easier to design and style with.

Taste for Styling

Barebones for Styling

Most blocks have limited styling


Editor Plus block

Adds 10 styling options to many blocks


The .Testimonial block show the degree of feature refinement available in some Kadence blocks. Users have 4 models to choose from with ample styling options :
This is clearly a case where Kadence styling options is a winning feature.

Kadence provides many styling options for its blocks avoiding the need for Advanced CSS. or moving up to the containing block for better styling. But the Kadence styling options need help from the Editor Plus block

The Kadence Gallery block is another example of good features offered – 
Kadence has 5 Gallery styles including masonry, grid, carousel, slider, and slider carousel. The Pro Kadence block adds tiles, and thumbnail slider. This along with lightbox and image settings makes Kadence Gallery block a worthy rival of NextGen Galley or Foo Gallery plugins.. Here is the Offset Gallery:

Kadence brings not only better styling options to Gutenberg Blocks but also good runtime speeds as seen in the GTMetrix for this page:  

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