Ultimate Elementor Add-ons

As always the evaluation of Gutenberg Blocks will consider 4 key criteria
delivery of WYSIWYG display view from within the editor so designers see the complete  emerging page/post;
ease of understanding editing mechanics; tendency to not get lost;
accessibility of styling, animation and special effect for each Gutenberg block;
novel edit features which save time for designers.
Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks is a Brainstorm Force product that gets top ratings for its Beaver Builder and Elementor Ultimate addon plugins. Do the feature and styling options for the PageBuilder add-ons carry over to the Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

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Ultimate Elementor Add-on’s very first example, the Post Grid component above. shows that Brainstorm has used some of its  best Post query features and stylings. Within seconds of adding the Post Grid component, the  default feature settings displays a very functional list of posts [you can chose pages] ready to use. – you are good to go.

However there are ample styling features for the grid layout -fixed or masonry, number of columns in the grid, number of posts in the list, choice of taxonomy or category filter, order-by choices,  Finally users can select the pagination count for the list – so if the total number of posts to be displayed is greater than the post per  component count then added lists can be displayed as shown above.

The Post Grid styling is very rich. It starts with a choice to use/inherit the theme styles. Next,  featured images can be selected followed by 6 content descriptors like title and post date.  Users can choose excerpt or full posts text. Next there is a full set of color and typography choices topped off with Read More Link and margin/padding settings. In sum, the Post Grid component is a superb  way to display Posts ir pages in tabular format

The next combo of blocks will test a Testimonial with a Google Map

I have been working with our team for years now! With lots of hard work and timely distortion they have made sure that Misinformation prevails at DeFacebook. Highly recommended!

The Testimonial and Google Map components for Brainstorm Elementor Add-ons did not match their Ultimate Gutenberg Add-on blocks. The Testimonial component was not a Carousel but just one Testimonial. Likewise the Google Map component would not work according to a Google warning so we reverted to the Elementor Google Map which isbarebones simple. Both UAE components were a disappointment

Finally, we track the speed of this post in GTMetrix

The  Brainstorm Elementor Add-on delivers a very good GTMetrix speed score given the image size of the components. Also, the CLS score of 0 is surprising given the text component animated load.

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