Divi Supports Gutenberg … Sort-of

As WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor release date approaches, the topend PageBuilders continue to release new feature at a blistering pace. Thrive Architect has moved firmly into the SiteBuilder camp with more advanced header, footer and sidebar customization capabilities. Themify Builder has a whole new version 4.0 with a host of new features. …

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Help in Making Sense of JavaScript UI Frameworks

The principal problem confronting Web Developers is the exponential rate of change in the IT industry. There is simply not enough time to check out all the JavaScript tools especially given the underling tools are changing so fast. No more so than in JavaScript UI programming arena where there are literally dozens of frameworks, plugins …

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Bootstrap Moves Aggressively Mobile

In our web development JavaScript frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb and INK have been vital players. Bootstrap in particular has been used to deliver mobile responsive, SPA-Single Page Apps. But all of the¬† JavaScript frameworks¬† provide great templates, solid CSS libraries including new animation styling, plus inline JavaScript support usually with jQuery leading the way. …

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JavaScript Ascendancy

Javascript has achieved ascendancy in Web development¬† Over the past 26 years of Web Development, many programming languages have had reigns as the major language for Web development. Java had the support of major players like IBM, Oracle, Redhat and Sun but the decisive opposition of Microsoft which poisoned the well with J++ and a …

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WordPress Revolution: MultiPurpose Themes + PageBuilders

In the past 5 years the combination of Multi-Purpose/Multi-Layout themes with advanced PageBuilders have revolutionized “no-coding” required interactive Webpage creation. This is important as designers and end-users can now participate more actively¬† with developers in creating, refining and updating a website. It is true DIY development as seen here¬†– not only are end users able …

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